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Sonic Bearing Citrus Cleaner

Sonic Bearing Citrus Cleaner

$ 12.95

  • FAST
    • Speeds bearing maintenance = skate more
    • Cleans 16 standard 608 or 20 mini 688 bearings in one load
    • No need to install bearings on a rack or holder
    • Loose bearings won’t get damaged…they’re made of hardened steel
    • Pre-loaded with 8 oz. Sonic Citrus Cleaner
    • No need to buy separate cleaning solution
    • Awarded United States Utility Patent
    • Custom-made cap plug prevents leaks during shipping
  • TIPS
    • If bearings are extremely dirty or have dried grease, use an old toothbrush after soaking in the Turbo Wash
    • To reuse dirty citrus cleaner, filter it with a paper towel or coffee filter

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