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Revision Flex Hockey Wheels

Revision Flex Hockey Wheels

$ 14.99

Revisions all new 2016 Flex wheel is the result of more then 3 years of R&D. Our scientists had an idea and together with our test team we developed a wheel that will forever change the game of inline hockey. The patented asymmetrical design of the Flex wheel is revolutionary and allows the player to adjust the wheels to their skating style by putting the stiff edge of the wheel on the inside or outside. Want unparalleled grip? Want maximum speed? Or use the best of both worlds? It’s up to you.

X-Soft (72A)

The X-Soft is for the lighter player. The softer urethane makes sure that even the featherweights get the grip they need.

Soft (74A)

The Soft is for the average weight player. It’s formula is makes the regular guy get the grip and the speed.

Firm (76A)

The Firm is for the big boys. It’s harder mix of urethane makes sure it will give the right grip and speed and still be durable.

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