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Epic Trademark Stick (Gloss) Junior

Epic Trademark Stick (Gloss) Junior

$ 99.99

This twig is flat out amazing! We here at 3P1C have been doing this hockey thing for a while now, even if the company is new to the game, we sure are not. So when we say "this stick is the best we have ever seen", we mean it. Light, strong, so responsive and at this price? I don't feel we need to say anything more. If you need a stick that can preform as well as you do and works as hard as well, you can't afford to miss out!

  • 390 grams
  • 100% 18k Carbon
  • Textured Blade
  • Mid Kick Point
  • True One-Piece Construction
  • Professional Quality
  • Feather Weight
  • 60 Day Warranty

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